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29 September 2011 @ 02:38 am
You know what I hate?  
To quote Clive Owen's character in "Shoot 'em Up," as he says that in multiple parts of the movie. I decided that I, randomly, wanted to make a list of things I hate. Randomly. Just because I feel like it. I'll follow up, at a later date, with a random list of things I love, but for now, since this is before bed, we'll keep it simple.

Shrimp (and all of it's immediate relatives)
They look weird, have a strange texture, and an equally strange, fishy flavor. I can't stand them, prawns, or anything in between. It doesn't help that I'm ferociously allergic to them. Any other shellfish and I'm fine. Shrimp? One bite of shrimp and I'm in the bathroom.

Aggressive Drivers
You are not in a race, and you are not so important as to be able to cut people off and speed down a 45 mph street at 80. Deal.

The Fake Smile in the workplace
If you don't like me, don't bullshit me to my face. Say you hate me and want me to die in a back alley somewhere, don't smile and pretend to be nice. It wastes both of our time.

Double Standards
Do not set a standard or rule and then hop, skip, and loop around it. Standards are meant to be maintained by everyone, for the same reasons, same time, not only half the time when someone feels like it.

Location induced social awkwardness
Don't really have a better term for it. I like being social. I especially like parties. I especially hate spending $100 on decor, supplies, and food, and slaving over said food for a day and a half, only to have one to three people show up out of a twenty person guest list. Especially when people can't be bothered to RSVP. So often I hear "but you live too far out." So, it's okay for me to drive to you but not for you to drive to me. Right. See above, "Double Standard."

That stuff tastes nasty.

Fat free/sugar free foods
Tasty chemicals! Because that's totally healthier!

"Stop offshore drilling NOW!" ... So, if we stop today, this very second, theoretically, what will fuel your car to get you to work tomorrow? What will the USPS put in their mail trucks, carriers, planes. Think before you speak.

Sleeping is good. Insomnia is not.

And that's all my brain can think of at the moment.