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04 February 2012 @ 04:07 pm
Press A to Restart  
So, I've been spending much of my time playing video games, as, well, the less I go out, the less money I spend, and the less gas I use. Thus far, 2012 has been preeeetty craptastic. Still broke, still don't like my job, still in debt (as a result of being broke -- had to use the card I was trying to pay off for gas and groceries back in Jan-- go go counterproductive!), still feeling like I'm sitting back at start.

The job front is still grim, although they've started working on the Forever21 out in Pier Park. I have, however, been desperately trying to get a job in town, but alas, Pier Park is successfully sucking the retail-life out of Panama City. There are still a few other places to try, but I don't expect much to come out of it. The job situation in this town has always been rough, quite simply because this "town" has become a true city and still has the trappings of a town, complete with overpopulation and a bloated cost of living. Anyway, yes, still going to search for a new, or at least, additional job, as my hours are nearly non-existent, which is getting to be problematic, especially when a third of each paycheck goes to gas alone. Hence why I want a job NOT on the beach. Working on the beach means I need to be paid at least 8.50 per hour or get 25 hours a week on 8 per hour. I'm currently only getting 12 hours a week. Problem? Much.

In light of my, ah, financial issues, many other things are now on the ropes, like my cosplay plans and, more specifically, Metrocon. Those are side hobbies and, well, when it comes to choosing between hobbies and bills, I'm afraid the outcome is obvious. It will always be bills first. I don't want to have to toss Metro out the window, but if it comes down to it, I'm not afraid to. I'm just hoping that I get my job situation rectified within the next month a half.

In other news, there really isn't much other news. I've managed to mostly stick to my resolution of not buying anything I can't make, although largely out of being too broke to buy anything. I have some things on the table to make myself once I've got some free time, whenever that is. Issue is, there's a lot of "home improvement" that needs doing, which requires money. Got a quote to deal with the carpenter ants, which are getting quite problematic now, and after they're dealt with, we have to replace the drywall around the front door. Hopefully that's all, but Tom pointed out that the wood framing could quite possibly be rotted and water damaged as well, thanks to the shoddy construction of the door frame and drywall. That would make an $80 fix over a weekend into a $120 dollar fix over possibly a few days. There's other things that need doing, too, but they're far more minor.

Again, 2012 is proving to be a let-down year thus far.